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At the time the holidays are a time of giving and receiving. But what are the things you should be given to cancer patients. To show that you really care about him. Here are some ideas to find the perfect gift, and to meet their needs.

1. Feeling comfortable is important.   

When cancer patients who are in treatment for cancer. Euphoria is the most important thing. Buy socks, slippers, pajamas or a bathrobe. Soft and comfortable as possible for them. Products woven from sheepskin and velvet yarn that is soft, comfortable and popular. Or purchase a shawl or blanket woven from the fabric Fleet left. The warm and luxurious at the same time this is another way to perfect in order to help her embrace with love and warmth. If you have a spongy texture as well. The more the better           

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2. Stress

Pillow that smells of aromatherapy eye patch or a teddy bear hue that feels soft top can help patients alleviate stress, particularly with cancer patients who had surgery or pain and. pain The micro-beads and natural oils in these products will help ease the physical and mental health of the patient as well.

3. Make them feel enjoy

When cancer patients have to be treated on a higher floor. This will allow patients to have less activity, you should provide books, movies or music to teach about religion in their lives. To give light and warmth in their homes.   

And while they are preoccupied with mystical thriller about a biography or Humor is the only salvation. The topics focused on the importance of fighting the disease may be what they need is a best-selling book associated with fighting cancer are as follows.

  • "5 Lessons I Didn't Learn from Breast Cancer" โดย Shelley Lewis
  • "It's Not About the Hair: And Other Certainties of Life and Cancer" โดย Debra Jarvis
  • “Chicken Soup for the Breast Cancer Survivor's Soul: Stories to Inspire, Support and Heal” โดย Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen และ Mary Olsen Kelly
  • “The Breast Cancer Survival Manual, Fifth Edition: A Step-by-Step Guide for Women with Newly Diagnosed Breast Cancer” โดย John Link
  • “Why I Wore Lipstick to My Mastectomy” โดย Geralyn Lucas           

4. warmth and taste

The symptoms include hair loss or thinning hair is a common treatment of cancer. But it is even more problematic, especially in cold weather conditions. Different colored hat or scarf may be what they need most to create warmth to her body. Scarves and colors can make them look good, taste it.

5. Food for the soul

If you do not know what to give as a gift, a gift certificate for a favorite restaurant or the cinema, it is a good idea. But should choose a restaurant with a varied menu for the treatment of cancer taste perception is changing frequently, in addition to the gift card, a selection of teas, delicious added to help make her very happy indeed.

6. woo them

Hu cancer patients to expect a relatively rare gift. To massage may seem a good idea at first, but in fact the patient can not tolerate, because it is in a state swollen lymph nodes. Or during or after surgery. You can appease him with the soap. Lotion Or a gift from the spa. Even organic products may be a mixture of smells or substances that cause irritation. And you can not use this product. If it's a gift you want to give her this is actually four tips to help make it all work.

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  • Call around and ask the store that sold the salon. Specifically, the products purchased. Designed for cancer patients.
  • Try products such as moisturizing gloves. No hazardous ingredients
  • Give gift cards this way she will take what she really wants.
  • Ensure that the gift Refundable for all So that you can invest in one of the nine pieces that we have outlined below.

7. Make them spellbound with diamond jewelry.

Whether patients or people with good health. accessories Women are most favored by many stores both online and in stores selling bracelets or necklaces campaign against breast cancer. The pledge of revenues from the sale to help in cancer research. But if she does not like pink bead should be simple carved the word hope, joy, courage, or love.

8. Help yourself.

Many times, the best gift is not an object should try to design and print a coupon, do yourself for "cleaning house one day to me," or "menu and late night for [your name]" or "shopping. the consumer for a period of one week, "which gift you made yourself, it's cute and can support a patient with.            

9. One dollar is precious

The investment in research on cancer, to honor them by almost every research organization the Cancer Hospital, or clubs with a charity program that allows you to present a one-time, monthly or deliver a myth. The financial statements at the end of the year to identify areas of research at the Institute has invested and the percentage of each dollar directly to the administrative costs (such as F & A), including the return of tax benefits as well.     

10. Do things yourself.

Doing things by ourselves, such as basket weaving and many other things that could be used in patients undergoing cancer treatment. In these articles include magazines to help her laugh. Diary Her thoughts Lip balm and organic aloe vera to soothe dry skin soft, squeeze balls to relieve stress during the day, soft socks, candles, candy, crackers, tea and aroma of her favorite dishes. To make them happy and motivated to fight the cancer.

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