ธาตุเหล็กในผู้หญิง กับความต้องการของร่างกาย

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ธาตุเหล็กในผู้หญิง กับความต้องการของร่างกาย

Iron is the most important for women because women lose blood every month out a lot. As a result, iron deficiency can occur as often as women. So if you girls People do not want to suffer from anemia. You should always eat enough iron and to check their health regularly to get away from this disease.

Iron Man How important

For woman Demand for iron than men. I have to go with the menstrual blood. The monthly average of about 50 milliliters or equal to iron loss to 15-30 mg per month. And may tend to lose more iron to another woman, if you do not eat foods that are high in iron to replace the lost. In addition, pregnant women Woman breastfeeding The body needs iron to make red blood cells to increase as well.

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The body needs iron, very much.

Typically, women aged 15-50 years should get 15 milligrams of iron per day, and if the last 50 years, it should be 10 mg per day is sufficient. However, for the safety of health. Eat a proper quantities. Not much or too little Maybe if you eat too much iron may adversely affect the functioning of the liver.


table to iron in the first day.

Signs that the body is deficient in iron.

  1. Debility, fatigue, feeling exhausted, tired, which will be due. Ferrous enough blood to pump to rejuvenate itself.
  2. Tongue swelling or inflammation without infection. Nodule area greasy tongue disappeared. Makes chewing food Brushing difficult Or if it may have slurred speech.
  3. The performance of the brain decreases. Sometimes there is a sense of abstractness and is more frequent. This is because there is less oxygen in the blood due to iron deficiency.
  4. Symptoms of anemia When opening the eyelids are pale in color. Conditions indicate anemia
  5. Feel chapped lips And always a lot at the corner of the mouth. It may be pain involved. You can not agape may have difficulty in eating while talking or smiling.
  6. The body is easier Susceptible to disease
  7. I felt like vertigo, dizziness, especially when walking up the stairs or the elevator to make movement more.
  8. Symptoms include shortness of breath, chest, especially when doing activities that require a lot of movement.
  9. Headache heavy as the brain is not clear. Do what it is like to lack of concentration.
  10. Sometimes restless leg syndrome. Or to shake a leg Shake a leg at all times It felt like an insect swarm arrivals. If you do not sit trembling legs could not sleep.
  11. I do not want to eat what appetite or may feel tempted to eat something strange like to eat ice. Or eat soil, etc.
  12. Cold hands and feet feel abnormal.
  13. Feel palpitations simple Whether doing simple activities such as walking or running in a very short distance.
  14. If you notice white spots on finger nails, the nails are found to be more touchy peel or a spoon.

Treatment Guidelines

If found to have symptoms that indicate iron deficiency above. Should seek medical advice for further treatment. The guidelines include

  • Taking iron supplements The doctor may give you an injection or eaten. Depending on the severity of symptoms with a diet that is high in iron more.
  • Treat the cause , if iron deficiency because the parasite. It would have been anthelmintics. If the condition is due to menorrhagia was wrong to treat this subject in particular.
  • The palliative treatment of symptoms such as blood in case of bleeding. Or very pale and cause heart failure and so on.

How to protect themselves and iron deficiency.

Caring for yourself is most important. It is to prevent iron deficiency in the first place. By eating a diet with adequate iron. And when the doctor thinks that there are risk factors for iron deficiency. In order to get treatment early. Then should follow a doctor Or suggested by nurses

  • To take drugs The doctor ordered complete and accurate.
  • Should eat foods that are beneficial to 5 groups in every meal. Especially foods that are high in iron.
  • Should not control the risk factors for iron deficiency.
  • Do not buy iron and eat without first consulting your doctor. Because of the potential side effects Yong Ki's.
  • Always see a doctor appointment or, if not better, worse or the symptoms are unusual to say the same doctors.

Iron Supplements


food with iron.

Iron is a nutrient that is vital to the body and establish itself. It must have adequate food. For foods that are high in iron include meat, poultry, fish, seafood, spleen yolk also contains a lot of vegetables that are dark green leafy kind, such as gourd, spinach, red beans, black beans, oat which iron is absorbed. small intestine Also iron from animal Will be absorbed better than from plants. Once absorbed, then The part is used. Some bodies will accumulate in the liver, spleen and bone marrow and normal. Body to eliminate excess iron from the liver and the kidneys.

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